Program Core
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Q1: Does my daughter need prior technology knowledge?
Q2: We are of a different religion and do not want our daughter to participate in Yoga & Meditation?
We respect your decision. Your daughter may choose another PD program to participate, if available.

We would like to share with you benefits of Yoga & Meditation for children and youths as a practice to personal development:

✔︎ Yoga and mindfulness have been shown to improve both physical and mental health in school-age children (ages 6 to 12).
✔︎ Yoga improves balance, strength, endurance, and aerobic capacity in children. Yoga and mindfulness offer psychological benefits for children as well.
✔︎ A growing body of research has already shown that yoga can improve focus, memory, self-esteem, academic performance, and classroom behavior, and can even reduce anxiety and stress in children.

Q3: My daughter is not in the public school system, can she qualify for a scholarship?
Yes. As long as she is a resident of Rincón, she qualifies for a scholarship up to 10% of total tuition.
Q4: What is the ratio of boys to girls enrollment at the academy?
We will always have a higher enrollment of girls at the Academy. We don’t have a set ratio that we’re aiming for – our goal is to give access and opportunity to all.

We focus our marketing campaigns, fundraising events and newsletters on spreading awareness throughout our region in order to increase the number of girls who enroll.
Q1: Why Nutrition, English, Personal Development?
Food security and health concerns are real and important issues for young people in Puerto Rico. Learning a second language makes us diverse and well-rounded leaders. Mental health and well-being are important subjects for today's digital generations.
Q2: Who is your Languages license provider?
Computer Science for k-5: codeSpark.
Grades 6-12: Codecademy
Q3: Are your teachers board certified?
Teachers: Our goal is always to recruit the most talented individual(s) who aligns with our mission. We are flexible to official teacher's certifications, industry experience with active industry certifications. 

Nutritionist - Our goal is to have a Board Certified Nutritionist as staff.
Q4: Will your IT programs scale?
Absolutely! We are committed to developing an academy that empowers girls to take control of their tech skills and build on them throughout their careers. Girls at our academy will be able to explore a variety of interests and develop passion projects as well as learn about new trends in technology. And always return to reskill/upskill.
Q1: How can I set-up my monthly recurring tuition payments?
Simply download our app and schedule your daughter's monthly tuition once. Enter your card or bank information, confirm and you're set! We accept - all major credit cards, PayPal and ATH Móvil.
Q2: Late Payment Policy.
Tuition is due 1st of each month. Any tuition paid on day 6 up to day 10 is $50, tuition paid over 10 days late incur a $100 late fee. Accounts 30-days late and over are billed an additional $200. late fee and your child's tech account is locked. Access denied until Finances are cleared.
Q3: Do you offer sibling(s) discount?
Yes. Second child is $50. discount applied to that child's tuition. Three or more children maximum discount of $130. for entire family. 

➙ Scholarships are not available to families who are enrolled in the Sibling Discount Program.
Q4: Do you accept crypto for tuition payments?
Yes! Simply download Every.org look for us - dev46 Girls Tech Academy. Set-up your monthly recurring tuition payments. All done.
Q1: Why only full scholarships for girls in the public school system?
We are aware of the digital divide and are helping the Department of Education in Puerto Rico by providing access first. We are funded through your generous donations to make it possible for marginalized girls in our community to have a fair chance in living her life with dignity.
Q2: Do I have to be a full-time resident for my child to be eligible for a scholarship?
No. We offer blended learning. 

Partial scholarships: If your child received a partial scholarship she is required to enroll in a minimum of two core programs and attend six on-site sessions for each program.

Full Scholarships: Mandatory enrollment of all core programs.

(Note: We respect families decisions and will make accommodations to substitute classes, if available.)
Q3: When will the scholarship application open?
Sign up to receive our newsletter. Follow us on social media. Download our app to obtain the scholarship link. We will notify our community with open and deadline dates.
Q4: What if my child has a learning style different from the majority of children?
Your child qualifies for a scholarship regardless of her learning style. K-5 will have visual learning computer science curriculum and our after school program 6-12 will have hands-on experiences. We welcome every child into our program.