Our Approach

Our students learn to self-care, become culturally diverse, create and innovate to solve problems. They will become well versed in the ever-changing landscape of technology and computing because we believe in her abilities.
From Seed to Love

Passion-based Learning

Our mission is to develop the girl's social, physical, and intellectual skills in a way that integrates technology education interwoven with a passion-based learning methodology. In short: This approach stimulates attitude change in self and the world around her.
We are a community with  a population of ~15,000, of which 37% are female 16+ in the workforce. The median household income is $20,000. We're addressing generational poverty for an inclusive digital age.

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Today's global demand - IT professionals who are multicultural. We're exposing our students to girls and women in tech globally. Building culturally diverse leaders.

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We offer opportunities in STEM to girls in a collaborative setting where we encourage teamwork and success. We promote team spirit helping our students develop soft skills relevant to real world team synergies.

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Providing a positive learning environment where mindfulness thrives students feel comfortable and supported. We help them overcome the challenges they run into in their daily lives by practicing self-awareness.
Spanish girls meditating in nature
Young Latina at Beach
We're a group of passionate professionals working to bring technology education and make lives better. We know that great work satisfies both purpose and passion. By pushing human capacity through human-centered design we create collaborative, technology-enabled experiences that solve real problems for real people.